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Investing in a rental property is a big commitment that requires careful planning. We want you to have a strategy that will result in a successful and profitable venture!

We’ve put together a straight-forward guide to help you conquer any challenges that come your way.


What You’ll Learn About In Our Ebook

How to select the right rental property for your goals.

What documents and procedures need to be completed before the purchase.

How to choose a financing option that works for you.

How to be profitable so you can enjoy the rewards of a rental property.

And more!

Who is Stonelink Property Management

We're a company that specializes in providing property management services. We're focused on the growth of your rental property's value.

We've worked with hundreds of rental property owners. Some of which own multiple properties and others who own a single property.

As a result of managing hundreds of doors, we've had the experience of dealing with every situation imaginable when it comes to managing rental properties.

Here's what some of our valued clients have to say about our services:


What an awesome experience. This company and its employees are top notch. In particular, we worked with Frank Rubino. While anticipating the new contractor to be finished for our apartment, Frank always kept us up to date.


Rental Property Owner

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